IT Asset Disposition Solutions

ITAD Butler


All aspects of Logistics are handled by GCS. GCS offers White Glove and Brown Glove services for any type of business with any size ITAD requirement. GCS provides all materials needed for secure packing / palletizing of hardware and transportation of your equipment. Through strict security practices that include audit verification, GPS tracking and a documented chain of custody, our team will ensure your assets arrive quickly and securely to our location. GCS offers solutions for home office or remote location workplaces, including a secure & convenient electronics mail back program. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your account, that person will show up in person to oversee compliance and removal of your assets and will be your point of contact throughout the entire process. 


Data destruction on end-of-service data bearing devices is essential to the security of your company or organization. GCS understands that protecting your business’s confidential data is of highest priority and makes the data sanitization process secure, safe and simple.  GCS offers 100% data destruction and sanitization services that are tailored to meet your needs. If this process is not done correctly, it can leave your business exposed to high level security and financial risk. Whether your ITAD strategy calls for onsite, remote, or offsite data erasure, our ITAD experts can provide a solution that fits your business. 


GCS can perform data sanitation or wiping on virtually any HDD, SSD or any data bearing device. Providing several secure data wiping options that include onsite, remote, or in house services that are a minimum NIST 800-88 compliance up to DOD Standard 5220.22-M. When your assets arrive back at GCS’ processing facility they will go through a specialized testing and comprehensive refurbishing process to ensure maximum value is recovered for each asset for your business. The use of sustainable environmental best practices at GCS, along with extensive methods of material sorting and responsible e-waste recycling, keeps our landfill footprint at almost zero.


Re-marketing / Value Recovery

The best form of recycling is reuse. At GCS, our IT asset remarketing and value recovery program is built to maximize the ROI for every asset and increase the bottom line for your business.  GCS can provide a trade in credit toward new solutions from leading OEMs. We can also provide a cash offer for your equipment based on the functionality, age and overall current condition of the asset. Another option is our ITAD remarketing services, which feature transparent revenue sharing upon the resale of your assets back into the secondary markets.  SLA’s are also available on revenue sharing meaning you recoup your money quickly with regularly scheduled payouts. End of life doesn’t mean end of value, our ITAD experts are trained to find the program that works best for any business situation. Find out more about our Trade-In, Cash offer, Buyback, or Revenue Sharing programs today! 


GCS will provide you with a detailed settlement report for each asset using serial number or asset tag. This report will outline key information such as order number, ship and received date, manufacturer and model number, technical specifications, testing results, grade of asset and any applicable fees associated with the disposition of that asset. GCS has a secure online Client Portal that allows you to see in real time the status of all your IT assets as they move through the data sanitation and re-marketing process. Giving you accurate, quick and transparent traceability from anywhere at any time, including direct access to all compliance, data destruction and recycling certificates. With GCS’ asset recovery online reporting tools, you can rest assured your equipment and data is secure in every step of the ITAD process.

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