We offer many solutions to address the issues facing today's businesses. From remote worker enablement through virtual desktop solutions and unified communications platforms. GCS also offers cloud services, all inclusive device as a service, leasing, financing, security, and hyper-converged infrastructure. Bring us your challenges, we welcome the opportunity to showcase our expertise!


Workforce Solutions

During the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses have had to and are still trying to adapt to remote workers or a hybrid workforce. This present challenges on many fronts. GCS offers Virtual Desktop options both on preliminary and cloud based that give your business security and control over your data by "cloudifying" the users desktop experience. Users no longer save any company data to a PC or thin-client, all data is centrally stored and managed and policies easily enforced. The time and costs saved from reduced desktop support alone can be significant. GCS has even stood up virtual desktop infrastructure to engineering firms where users have traditionally used high performance workstations with dedicated GPU to get work completed. GCS offers Virtual Desktop options from Citrix, VMware, Google, and MS Azure.


Workforce Communications

Another technology seeing historic growth is Unified Communications. Unified communications platforms merges voice, video, text, messaging, and fax into one application that can be consumed on iOS, Android and PC or MacOS hardware. The most popular unified communications platforms are RingCentral, MS Teams, and Zoom to name a few. Giving employees this technology increases productivity, simplifies management, saves time by simplifying workflows, often saves money by eliminating multiple subscriptions, and increases your customer engagement. GCS also offers headsets and webcams from multiple vendors such as Logitech Poly (formerly Plantronics), Jabra, Yealink, and Lenovo. 



Hyper-converged Infrastructure or HCI for short merges server, storage, and limited networking into a single scalable solution.  Virtualization hypervisors such as VMware vSphere unlocked a whole new world of possibilities from x86 servers, HCI takes that a few steps further by turning multiple servers into a single system of separate nodes (x86 servers) allowing you to allocate CPU, Memory, Storage, and limited networking to your VMs and containers across all resources from an abstracted pool. One key benefit is that HCI often eliminates the need for shared storage arrays such as SAN or NAS. Data protection is managed by software defined RAID that when properly architected allows an entire node or multiple nodes to fail without the loss of data. In many cases this can save significant money since shared storage can be costly to acquire and maintain. 



Most users that went "All-In" when cloud computing came of age have since pulled their most business critical applications to on premise or colocation facilities where they maintain complete control. The cloud is ideal for many applications and purposes but has fallen short of its early promises of increased security and cost savings. The conclusion that the majority of companies have reached is that hybrid cloud at some level is what makes the most sense for their businesses. Our knowledgable team can help with architecting the right on premise solutions in addition to the right cloud based solutions. 



The Internet of Things has proliferated into nearly every home and business in the US at some level. Many of us now have a smart thermostat in our homes but IoT is revolutionizing businesses from manufacturing to healthcare. Sensors, cameras, and smart devices gather information to give you deeper insights into your business not possible in the past. 


Edge Computing

Computing that takes place at or near the physical location of either the user or the source of data is known as Edge Computing. Companies can gain insights & provide faster, more reliable services by placing computing closer to these location and also benefit from the flexibility that hybrid cloud computing offers. Distribute and use a common pool of resources across numerous locations with Edge Computing. You might ask, what does Edge Computing look like? Edge computing is all around us from a wearable smart watch to the traffic tracking systems at the intersections we drive through. Edge computing is even used by popular streaming platforms to optimize the performance and quality of the video content we watch. Edge devices simply process the data they collect, share insights, and take appropriate action if needed. Simply put, Edge computing brings the data and the compute as close as possible to the point of interaction. A full business discovery with GCS will help us determine where Edge Computing might add value to your organization.


Infrastructure As A Service 

Dell Technologies Apex and HPE Greenlake are a couple examples of infrastructure as a service or IaaS. You might be asking, where do I start? Let GCS be your "Sherpa", you tell us your business goals and let our team guide you to your destination while we also take care of the heavy lifting. 



Software Defined WAN or SD-WAN increases security, reduces costs, and increases uptime! SD-WAN often eliminates costly MPLS circuits, implements multiple connections between sites and cloud for redundancy and introduces the most rigorous security and encryption methods to your data connections and it's simpler and easier to implement than you think! Sound good? Well what are you waiting for, contact our sales team today and start the SD-WAN conversation.



GCS offers security solutions that take a holistic approach. We work with you and your team to address endpoint security, network security, and even providing your team with security awareness training to protect against social engineering and other tactics that can leave your business exposed. We also take things a step further with cybersecurity recovery solutions. From PCs with embedded security features such as a self-healing BIOS to KnowB4, Fortinet, Extreme Networks, Nozomi Networks, Eaton, Dell Technologies, Index Engines, and Sentinel One are just a few of the partners we work with to provide industry leading cybersecurity solutions. 


Corporate Audio/Visual Solutions

Creating fostering frequent visual communication is more important than ever to help us feel connected as co-workers and client/vendor relationships. With MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral and so many other video enabled solutions and a hybrid workforce companies need to equip conference rooms and huddle spaces with cutting edge audio/visual technologies. GCS offers design and implementation for these spaces working with our partners at Logitech, Yealink, Polycom, and Lenovo. Let our sales team know how we can assist with your next project!