Global computer sales partners with Lenovo, Dell, and HPE to offer the best available options for any server requirements. 

Micro Servers

 Small Footprint and Power Efficient for small office, home office, or small business. We offer capable and powerful single CPU MicroServer options that can be customized for either on-premise or hybrid-cloud workloads. 

Tower Servers

 Designed for small, large, and remote offices where rack infrastructure is not available or possible, traditional tower servers offer single and dual processor options with capabilities for dual redundant power supplies and chassis that accomodate up to 24 Memory DIMMs and up 32 disk drives to power demanding workloads and highly virtualized environments. Available advanced remote management features reduce the needs or responsibilities for on-site IT staff in remote offices. 

Rack Servers

 Rack mounted servers are commonplace in data-centers or office facilities with traditional server rooms. GCS offers everything from 1U Single Socket servers up to quad CPU models that accomodate memory configurations into the TB range and hundreds of CPU cores in as little as 2U of rack space. Our server customers range from small firms with 3 employees operating GPU dense servers for Crypto Mining up to Fortune 500s with 10's of thousands of employees. The options for rack mount servers are seemingly limitless with 3 manufacturers and config to order refurbished and even OEM re-certified options with full manufacturer warranty and support with your choice of SLA. 

Modular Infrastructure

 Oftentimes larger organizations find themselves with dozens or even hundreds of traditional 1 and 2U rack-mount servers in a single datacenter. Rapid growth can result in server and rack sprawl which is costly. For customers looking for a way to simplify management, reduce support costs, and consolidate hardware, Modular Infrastructure may be the solution! GCS offers Blade Computing from Dell Technologies, Lenovo, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Our team can run an assessment on your workloads and design modular server infrastructure to fit your requirements including help with forecasting growth trends using real data. We offer modular options ranging from 2U to 10U per single chassis. A great example of modular infrastructure is the Dell EMC MX7000. The MX7000 can support up to 8 MX750c compute blades featuring 32 memory slots and dual Intel Platinum Scaleable CPUs with up to 40C each. Quad CPU blades like the MX840c are also available. Each MX7000 requires 7U of rack-space yet also supports storage blades and networking blades such as the M9916n which supports both 16 & 32Gbps Fibre Channel and 40 & 100GbE network connectivity.

Rugged Servers

 Need servers that can tolerate harsh environments where heat, dust, shock and vibration are a factor? GCS offers several options that can bring high power computing into harsh environments. 

Specialty Servers

These servers are built for applications such as retail and data analytics applications at the network edge. Robust security and powerful remote management tools are just a few things you can expect from these options. 

Data Center Infrastructure

GCS has the know how to design & implement the right solution to accomodate and support your technology stack no matter how large or small. We carry a wide array of Data Center Infrastructure. From simple wall mounted racks, full size floor racks, UPS systems, Power Distribution, automatic transfer switches, KVM, cooling, raised floor, and cable management to name a few. We have partnered with Eaton, Tripp-Lite, APC, Vertiv, Panduit, and Legrand to offer you the best in power and infrastructure products. 

As a stocking vendor GCS has certain server options in stock ready to ship from our Lake Mary warehouse in as little as 24 hours. Let GCS know how we can help your business with refurbished, renewed, and new CTO servers. Contact our sales team today!