Storage Systems


There are many scenarios where shared storage is the best option for users with planned or existing server infrastructure. Storage Area Networks aka SAN storage solutions provision block level data to server infrastructure. SAN can deliver high performance, flexible & scalable capacity, as well as increased resiliency to virtualized and non-virtualized server environments. We can architect a complete solution or simply assist with a configured to order system. GCS offers several top choices for shared storage from vendors like Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo. 



When you need native file access, or perhaps you don't have servers, or maybe you just have a lot of larger files to store, Network Attached Storage aka NAS is usually the correct choice for these scenarios. We offer everything from small business NAS devices with single PSU and single CPU up to enterprise class NAS systems with features that increase resilience. We offer NAS systems from Dell EMC, HPE, Lenovo, and Synology. Contact sales and let us help determine which NAS is right for your business. 



Direct Attached Storage aka DAS or JBODs and expansion units provide flexible, cost-effective, high-capacity storage. Ideal for space constrained environments and cost-sensitive customers. These work differently than external storage systems in that they rely on the attached servers RAID controller and Host Bus Adapter aka HBA. GCS offers DAS from Lenovo, Dell Technologies, and HPE.


Unified Storage

Unified storage has SAN and NAS functionality in a single storage system. Run block and file storage workloads right next to each other simultaneously! Lenovo ThinkSystem DM (NetApp FAS), Dell EMC PowerStore, Dell EMC Unity XT, and HPE Nimble are just a few examples of unified storage that GCS offers.



Hyper-converged Infrastructure or HCI for short merges server, storage, and limited networking into a single scalable solution.  Virtualization hypervisors such as VMware vSphere unlocked a whole new world of possibilities from x86 servers, HCI takes that a few steps further by turning multiple servers into a single system of separate nodes (x86 servers) allowing you to allocate CPU, Memory, Storage, and limited networking to your VMs and containers across all resources from an abstracted pool. One key benefit is that HCI often eliminates the need for shared storage arrays such as SAN or NAS. Data protection is managed by software defined RAID that when properly architected allows an entire node or multiple nodes to fail without the loss of data. In many cases this can save significant money since shared storage can be costly to acquire and maintain.  GCS has partnered with VMware, Dell Technologies, Scale Computing, HPE, and Nutanix. We are vendor agnostic and can help you find the best option for your team's skillet, budget, and technical requirements. 


Object Storage

For users that deal with extremely large files or unstructured data also known as object data, scalable on prem Cloud or Object storage is the answer. Object storage is most often used by industries such as Media & Entertainment, Architecture Engineering Construction, and even Medical Imaging environments. Even large scale video surveillance NVRs can leverage object storage to provide capacity, availability, and performance. GCS offers solutions from Dell EMC PowerScale, and HPE Scality. 


Data Protection

Data protection is an especially strong-suit for GCS as one of our key personnel has nearly 20 years experience working with Data Protection Solutions such as Data Domain. We offer new and refurbished options such as Dell EMC PowerProtect DD, Dell EMC PowerProtect DP, and HPE StoreOnce as well as software from Veeam and Dell Technologies. Data Protection is more than just backing up your data. GCS takes a holistic approach to this practice and can educate your team creating a cyber attack secure backup of all critical infrastructure and cyber event recovery planning.


Tape Storage

Tape is still a viable option for users looking for a fast cost effective way to backup data and remove it from their premises for safe off-site storage. We offer tape storage options from single stand alone LTO drives up to enterprise class libraries. Following the best practice rule of 3 copies of your data, some users will opt to keep a copy on premise, one in cloud, and another backup to tape. We offer tape storage options from 4 different OEM partners including Dell, HPE, Lenovo, and Overland. GCS also offers several backup and recovery software applications.